Graphic Design / Production
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This is the second level course in graphic design and is completely project based. Students will gain experience in creative problem solving, and will have an opportunity to begin working toward Industry Certification. Rotation groups will be assigned for screen printing, and collaboration for projects is encouraged!


Unit Title > Employability Skills in Graphic Design

Goal: To establish basic expectations for students who wish to pursue a career in graphic design

Description: This lesson will identify traits preferred by employers within graphic design, detail the basic skill set and provide professional standards required to be successful in this career field. Additional skills which will make students more competitive in graphic design is also covered.

Students will …

  1. Identify desirable personal traits and attitudes for graphic designers.
  2. Discuss interpersonal skills necessary in graphic designers.
  3. Summarize professional standards in graphic designers.
  4. Explore additional skills for graphic designers.


Unit Title > Graphic Design: Basics

Goal: To explore the basics of graphic design

Description: This presentation begins by exploring the career opportunities in the field of graphic design. Then explains the technical considerations necessary for creating a graphic design project,
such as image resolution and software options. Then concludes with a dive into the methods for generating creativity necessary for design projects.


Students will …

  1. Compare and contrast the characteristics of raster-based bitmap graphics and vector-based graphics.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of graphic resolution, file size, file formats and file management.
  3. Differentiate between the color mode selections in determining product output.

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