Introduction to Graphic Design
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This is the first level course in graphic design, and requires creative problem solving. Student growth develops from a solid understanding of elements and principles of design. Students will continue to work toward Industry Certification, and will an End of Pathway Exam.


Unit 7 | Graphic Design Basics: Layout & Composition

Goal: To explore layout and composition concepts related to design applications.


The lesson describes the principles of layout design and explores the unique
composition features of different types of design.


  1. To create designs for defined applications.
  2. To apply elements of design.
  3. To use good composition.


Unit 6 | History & Evolution
of Graphic Design

Goal: To analyze the history and evolution of graphic design and how it has made an impact on the industry today.


This presentation explores the history and evolution of graphic design throughout time. Basic definitions, inventions, techniques and procedures will be discussed.


To analyze and summarize the history and evolution of graphic design.To analyze the impact graphic design has on society.

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